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RABA held a Charity Swiss Team event on Sunday, September 23, 2012. The designated Charity was Honor Flight of Rochester  which received a $1,205 donation from the Rochester Area Bridge Association. The tournament was one by a Flight C Team made up of Janet Flanagan, Dale Marx, Tony Auriemma, and Steve Singer. Mary Lou Lawson chaired this event and along with Lois Sanders proudly presented the check to John Burns, Vice-president of Operations. Honor Flight Rochester
John has prepared and presented a series of hands that clearly demonstrate alternative methods of play in various interesting situations. Over 125 hands have been posted with many more coming. Several hands are displayed on John’s page. Earlier hands may be found by clicking Go to archive on his main page. For downloadable files Click Here and then click D’Erricos PDFs.
This Week’s Featured Hand

Sometimes we see a promotion of a card on defense, where by careful play a card can take a trick it could not otherwise take by force. I have found a few of these hands recently at the table.
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The results pages for for our local clubs on this site will be changing slightly in the future. All area clubs are moving to The CommonGame format for publication of daily results. This format provides so much relevant information regarding a given day’s game. We will continue to post pictures of winners and links to the games on the CommonGame site.  Our players are urged to take advantage of all the information available to them on the CommonGame website. Bruce Toder should be thanked for introducing this full feature analysis of our games

Most of our other pages will continue to be published as they have been.